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The Hilltop Partner Network is a collaborative of seasoned consultants and specialist consultancies providing premium, full-service management consulting, business transformation, and IT/IS services to our clients, without the overhead cost of traditional consulting firms.


Hilltop Partner Network offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help customers solve the most complex issues in their organizations. 


HPN was started by the partnership of Geoff Besko, Renée Riglin and Kevin Roberts.  

Together, with our members, we envisioned a new type of consultancy that would:

  • Maintain a small footprint, without consultants on the 'bench' and low overhead, to maximize profitability

  • Enable consultants to demonstrate strength and breadth of capability of a full-service firm when working with their customers

  • Support a trusted network of like-minded senior consultants who wanted the flexibility to build their own businesses and who also want to work on interesting projects with a teamed approach

  • Leverage our network to build an innovative business model that would be agile, scalable, and beneficial to its members


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