Member Council

Your Member Council fulfils an important role in representing the collective interests of HPN members, applying and periodically reviewing the Social Contract, and contributing to the ongoing vitality and success of the overall network.


Appointed by the Board of Directors for this foundational year, the Member Council will be nominated and elected by HPN members in each future year, providing opportunities for interested members to participate in shaping the direction and evolution of our collaborative consultancy model.  The Chair of the Member Council is an ex-officio member of the HPN Board of Directors, providing a vital conduit for the Board to ensure ongoing insight into member feedback and priorities.


We are delighted to have such a strong, engaged, and representative group of senior consultants on the inaugural member council, working on your behalf to initiate this important component of our business model.  


Please take some time to review their profiles, and don't hesitate to reach out to any one of them with questions you may have about the social contract, or to offer any suggestions for improving your member network.


Your Member Council:

Chair: Kevin Roberts
Janice Malo
Joanne Goss
Michael Graham
Joel Dandeneau
Warren Abrey
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Contact the Member Council at:

Manitoba | Saskatchewan | Alberta | British Columbia | Ontario | Atlantic Canada

(204) 803-1813

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